Founding member of the International Centre for African Cultural Heritage (CIPCA), a community art centre located in Yaoundé since 2015. Director of CIPCA and curator, Fabiola Ecot Ayissi is interested in the dynamics of artistic creation existing in Central Africa since independence (1960s). Specifically, her work focuses on Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon, with artists such as Leandro Mbomio, Gaspar Gomán, Joseph-Francis Sumegne, Dieudonné Fokou, Ruth Afane Belinga, and Salifou Lindou. Through her curatorial practice, she works towards a contemporary approach to ancient African art, otherwise called "tribal" art.

Photo credit : Max Mbakop

Click here for the Exhibition text Garden of Eden by Fabiola Ecot Ayissi (traduction by La Centrale)